• Velook is your mobile bike register.
    With Velook, you can register your bike, report a theft, share bikes, check bikes before buying, and assist others in their search.

  • The Velook Stream shows you all the missing bikes in your area.

  • In the Velook Bike Profile you can store your bike data, so it is always accessible for you anytime, anywhere.

  • The Velook Mailbox gives you an overview of all comments, conversations and system messages.

  • The Velook Map contains data of all reports. It shows you dangerous areas in your vicinity.

  • The Velook Tips will help you to protect your bike from theft.

Every 90 seconds a bike gets stolen in Germany (2014: ~340.000) and only 10% of thefts are solved by the police. This can not go on like this: Velook helps you protect your bike from thieves.

Just looking for his stolen bike is often hopeless, with the help of Velook, however, 1 person becomes 100, thereby increasing the chances clearly.

            With the app, you can register your bike, share theft messages, check bikes and find your bike more quickly.

Become a part of Velook, help you and others find stolen bicycles.

This is how you use Velook

  1. Install app

    Download the app from the Store.

  2. Create profile

    Store your bike data in the Velook bike profile. With your bike profile you can react quickly when your bike gets stolen and use the help of the community.

  3. Become part of the community

    As part of Velook you can also help other users and check bicycles yourself.

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